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This fast paced tour is for people who like to get straight to it.


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2 ½ hours (9:00am-12:00pm)
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Special offer


Starting from the cruise ship we take you through the Capital of the Dutch side and then a quick picture stop by the international lookout point.. On a clear day you can see the surrounding islands close to St. Maarten and even the Simpson bay lagoon, which is home to several yachts.

As we continue on we will stop at one of the borders on the island where you can take a picture with the monument that connects both sides. We stop over to Marigot where we hang out for about 45 minutes. While you are there you can scope out the place and see the local food and market areas.. Go on have a pain au chocolat from the local bakery.

From there we head over to one of the famous beaches Orient! We get our feet wet for about 20 min and then head back to the ship.

Once we get in town if you would like to hang out before returning to the ship the driver will ask if anyone wants to stay in town and you give a shout.

To get back to the ship you can walk, take a taxi or the water taxi by the pier, smack dab in the middle of town… ask the locals.